Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Medvedgrad fortress - Medvednica Zagreb

Specificity Medvedgrad is that you can see it from all parts of Zagreb , and today is the great issue and it can visit every day .

Medvedgrad ( Bear City)  is located in the southern part of Mount Medvednica . Medvedgrad fortress near the present city of Zagreb and dates from the 13th century .

Medvedgrad after the Tartar invasion was the largest fortress in Croatia . From Medvedgrad provides an excellent view of the Zagreb especially at night and during clear days .

Chapel St. Philip and Jacob - early Gothic style

Besides the fortress Medvedgrad which is surrounded by a double defensive wall , inside the walls , there is a chapel of St. Philip and Jacob ( early Gothic style ) .

The chapel is located on the upper part of the town Medvedgrad and has a regular octagonal floor plan with an apse to the west.

Chapel of St. Philip and St. James is the oldest chapel noble city in Croatia and the Croatian most important buildings built in the Romanesque- Gothic style .

Buildings in the city are built of stone and brick .

Today the city is a well that is in very good condition and is located next to the chapel .

The entire fortress dominates the small fortress building which is located on the south side of town Medvedgrad .

The fort was abandoned Medvedgrad of the last inhabitants in 1602. year after the earthquake, which was heavily damaged .

Today Medvedgrad attraction that every day attracts many residents of the city of Zagreb , as well as tourists . If you drop by to Sljeme , this is one of the places that you must see .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zagreb Funicular - Uspinjača for Gornji grad and Donji Grad

Zagreb Funicular is small and sweet part of Zagreb which you simply have to ride longer felt the fear and the spirit of the former city and life . Zagreb funicular railway is the shortest funicular railway in the world . Zagreb Funicular transports citizens of Zagreb 1890s. years until today .

Her appearance is preserved as an original and up to date but was once the steam plant that was later replaced by an electric actuator. Once the dignitaries and city funicular ladies used to come from the Donji grad to the Gornji grad and vice versa . Today she attraction whose purpose we can say adventure and travel . Specifically Zagreb funicular ride one station and ride lasts even minute but the spirit which has a funicular ride is really worth .

Heavy funicular , cherries and little capacity for passengers. Zagreb funicular runs in two directions , and there are only two cars . In each wagon Zagreb funicular accommodates 16 passengers who have their seats and about 12 passengers who ride standing up .

Less is known to Zagreb funicular runs at a speed of 1.5 meters per second, which is very slow . Zagreb funicular has its own charm and spirit that can be felt only by a noisy ride it in either direction .

Most times in the Zagreb Funicular is spent on stopping the movement of the carriage.